Our Mission

Hackney Quest aims to give young people, families and members of the community the practical and emotional support that they need to develop and pursue their aspirations and deal positively with life’s challenges against a backdrop of social and economic disadvantage. We help them build confidence, develop new skills, and widen their perspectives as well as uncover existing strengths and capacities. We help them find resources and help from each other through forging supportive relationships that realise the potential for positive change that lies within them as individuals, families, and as a community.

Hackney Quest:

- Provides carefully designed social, recreational, education and personal development programmes for young people, families and community members.

- Provides positive responsible role models for young people and adults.

- Provides a safe and nurturing environment for young people, families and the community to make positive choices and enhance their own future.

- Helps young people to stay in education and to value achievement as a means of meeting their aspirations through lifelong learning, as well as helping their families to support this.

- Provides a bridge between families and the community, creating an environment of community cohesion, inclusion and support.

- Supports adults and parents in the community to access training and volunteering opportunities in order to build skills and confidence as a route into employment.



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