Developing strong, supportive relationships with families is central to the success of our work with young people. The families we work with are often facing complex difficulties, and we help them through whichever challenges they may be facing. We listen, we don’t judge and we provide support and advice. Our only agenda is to help them and to help their child/ren. We are very often the first people they turn to when they are struggling, or facing a crisis. We have an open door for those who need us. We call this work family support.

We are also aware that you can't fully support local families without supporting the wider community as a whole, so our family support programme extends to a range of activities and projects for local people, such as:

    • - Confidential listening
    • - Signposting, advice & guidance
    • - Securing emergency grants to buy household goods for families
    • - Parenting support, including accredited group programmes such as Triple P
    • - Free weekly community meal
    • - Support with issues such as benefits & housing
    • - Monthly men's breakfast & discussion group
    • - Education support: working with young people and their parents when they have academic and/or behavioural difficulties at school (accompanying parents to school meetings; mentoring the young person; liaising with school staff; bringing together services working with the young person; working with the young person and parent(s) on action plans)
    • - Support with English speaking skills
    • - Cookery and nutrition classes
    • - Community volunteering: providing volunteering opportunities for local people to help develop their confidence and skills, and support community cohesion
    • - Regular support discussions with parents whose children are being mentored
    • - Community parties: we hold half-termly community events to bring together local people from all different ages and backgrounds, strengthening community ties and encouraging peer support 

Through these and many other activities, we are there for local families when they need support to face life's challenges. 


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