Volunteering Opportunities for Young People

We have a range of Volunteering opportunities for our older members aged 14-19. If you are interested in joining Hackney Quest and would like to be able to volunteer please contact Janita on 020 8533 5480, or come along to our Thursday evening drop in session at Hackney Quest Poole Road.


Our youth volunteering opportunities are designed to encourage young people to develop leadership skills, develop and encourage responsibility, gain experience for CV’s and be part of making Hackney Quest a safe, positive and productive place to be.


Peer Volunteers - The Peer Volunteers role is to befriend, encourage and bring positivity to activities and support other young people. The scheme is about developing leadership and  team work skills.
1 evening a week during term time - Mon/Wed 
or daytime during our Holiday Programme

Youth Participation Volunteers work together to decide what they think is important for young people and the organisation. Through meetings they  plan, fundraise ,budget , develop skills and co-ordinate events  to benefit Hackney Quest and the Community. We have a range of Youth Participation roles and projects running throughout the year.



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