We were delighted to welcome Irfan Shah and Daniel Oliver into our building. This is what they had to say about us...

Visiting youth projects: part 2

By Irfan Shah BEM, Chief Executive Officer

Next visit was to Hackney Quest with our Frenford Clubs youth activity and volunteer manager, Daniel Oliver.

A limited building for space but the personalised attention to all from young people to parents is so special. As you walk into the main reception you are greeted by staff, sofas and a kitchen, it’s primary set up is around welcoming people and ensuring talking is at the forefront when people arrive.

HQ focus on developing people, life-enhancing skills through employment training, foodbank, music to sports, and much more but my favourite was the direct work with parents. A few parents came in to drop off their children and it was like their parents were at their second home. It was evident that families see Hackney Quest as a place to seek comfort, seek help and entrust their children.

Families are often the last to be helped, here it’s the other way round. Support the family and get the buy in from the children.

The passion from the staff and a real sense of we are here to help alleviate the suffering of others and we are happy to be at the front in offering all we can to our community.

Well done all & thanks Colette, Stefanie & Janita for your time and insight into the successes in 33 years of existence.

Nothing ever beats speaking to the Young People who seemed so relaxed around the building and staff, some seriously talented young people.

Look them up and spread the word, with most of their income coming from grants and donations, HQ is worth funding & supporting so please do keep them in mind.

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