Community is everything: we support the older members of our community as well as young people and host events as a way to bring people together.

Our community is very important to us, and we work in partnership with other organisations to support older and socially isolated people.  We run  community meals on Mondays at Frampton Park Baptist Church, and on Wednesdays we support a community meal at Gascoyne2 with the TRA and Wick Award.  These community meals are aimed at people over 50 and all are welcome.

We are also involved in the South East Hackney Food Consortium as a response to Covid delivering food and essentials to families self-isolating, as well as running a small foodbank with the Felix Project.

We love community events and see them as an opportunity to bring people together and celebrate the diversity of our Hackney community. We can often be found on Well Street Common either running or supporting events.  Over the years we have created and worked in partnership on a number of events. Our young people also enjoy organising their own events, they recently planned and ran their own one called "Show Your Culture" which was attended by over 100 local adults and young people.