We work together with others to provide the best possible support for families, whatever the situation we are led by what the young person and the family need. We help young people, parents and families to navigate all the systems that affect their lives — the education system, social care system, immigration system, housing system, and more.

Developing strong, supportive relationships with families is central to the success of our work with young people.

As a parent we often face complex situations and our family support programme is here to listen and support people to find their own solutions. This is done through mentoring, 1-1 support, family mediation, attending meetings, liaising with external agencies and aiming to reduce stress in family life, whatever that may look like.

Through our education support programme we work with young people and their parents/carers when they have academic and/or challenges within education. This can take the form of accompanying families to school meetings, mentoring, liaising with school staff, connecting services working with the young person and family or anything else that's needed to support the young person to stay in education or move to a suitable alternative.