The aim of our New Futures HQ employability programme is to provide young people aged 14-25+ with the space and support to gain skills and opportunities that will help them in their employability as they move forward.

Through the incredible commitment of our diverse team of volunteers, we are able to offer a unique opportunity to introduce and connect our young people to a huge variety of roles and opportunities in London and take advantage of the opportunities that can come from direct relationships.

We have seen over the years what an incredible impact direct access to seeing, learning about and being introduced to different worlds of work can have on young people. You cannot be what you do not see and our scheme aims to support young people to imagine beyond their immediate experience, while also giving them tangible opportunities too.

The recognition in recent months and years of the lack of diversity and institutional racism in many industries will take time to change. We hope that our employability programme provides an opportunity to speed up the progress of change for young people from Hackney in a tangible way now. Forging supported introductions to a myriad of industries and roles and working with young people and employers to make that a success. If you think you may have opportunities or connections that could help us in this work please go to and send us a message directly.